Sunday, April 17, 2005

Second Idea

Okay, we're talking solar panels again. This should actually be called something like First Idea: The Sequel or somethingl ike that, but scre it, I'm lazy and I'm already on this line.

And now this line.

Anyways, you know, it occurs to be that you could make solar panels really cheap by doing the manufacturing in India or China. This would make them cheap. Heck the entire middle-east and deserts in India, China, the US could be used as power plants. Also, you could out them on houses, make power meshes, heck, even out them on oil rigs.

And on that note, why not have desalination plants out in the ocean like oil rigs? Why have them on the shore? You can pipe the dirty water out to these areas as well and get them cleaned there. They could become like self-contained ecosystems that clean up the waste, grow plants, etc.

Hmmm, more on this in a later post. Some morons near me are smoking and I can barely breathe.